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Lead generation is one of the most important skills for any sales rep or small business person. Without sales leads, you are not in business. When your sales lead generation efforts produce a sufficient number of sales leads, you have a much higher chance of reaching your sales goals. Many unsuccessful sales people and businesses are that way because they lack a solid sales lead generation system that guarantees a shot at success.

OK, so you want a lot of sales leads. How then do you go about creating a powerful lead generation system?

First you must get focused. Determine what the target of your sales lead generation efforts will be. Who do you want to attract or sell to? Sales is a "numbers game" when it comes to generating leads. However, if you target your lead generation efforts to the type of sales prospects you want to attract, your closing percentages will be much higher.

Next in your lead generation system you must begin by determining the method by which you are going to find or attract these sales prospects. Here are just some of methods people use to get more sales leads:

Lead Generation Methods

Once you've determined the best method(s) for finding and attracting sales leads, the next step in your lead generation effort is to determine how you will qualify these leads. Qualify? Yes, the leads produced by your lead generation system must "qualify" for your sales efforts. Once you have qualified a sales lead, then you have a real opportunity that you can sell to as a result of your lead generation efforts.

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